COCO Century



  1. Where is Ordway?

    Ordway is 50 miles east of Pueblo on Highway 96.

  2. What is the route like?

    The route is over rural paved roads. Much of the time you will be able to ride 2-3 abreast, but there are sections where you will need to be single file. The entire course is remarkably free from steep grades. There are two or three small hills, but they are more accurately called bumps for those used to riding in Colorado. We will be riding past produce fields, ranch land, and through 9 small towns.

  3. Can I pick up my registration pack early?

    Packet pick-up will be the night before…

  4. My wife and family have always wanted to come to watch the finish, is this a possibility?

    Not only a possibility, but a request! We are holding the ride on the same weekend as Crowley County Days. Saturday will be packed with fun things for the family to do. Check the enclosed link to Crowley County Days for the schedule.

  5. Can I do a shorter ride?

    If this is you first long ride or you want family to participate, we have three options:


    • Family ride - approximately 9 miles
    • Intermediate ride - approximately 40 miles
    • Century - just over 100 miles


  6. Where does the money go?

    The ride is a fund raiser for the Arkansas Valley Hospice. They are a great organization that provides services for three counties. Check the link provided for more information on them.

  7. Is there somewhere to get a shower before I head home?

    The Crowley County School District has been kind enough to open up their locker rooms for us. This will allow you to shower, freshen up, and maybe be energized enough to go check out the mud races held that afternoon and evening at the fairgrounds.

  8. What time does the ride start?

    Century riders will depart at 6AM, shorter rides a little after that.

  9. What is happening the night before the ride?

    5:00 PM goat roping at Ordway Fairgrounds

    5:00 PM Mutton Bustin at Ordway Fairgrounds

    6:00 PM Calcutta at Ordway Fairgrounds

    7:00 PM Ranch Rodeo at Ordway Fairgrounds

    9:00 PM Street dance on Main Street in Ordway

  10. Will there be rest stops?

    We will have eight rest stops that will have snacks, Gatorade, and restroom facilities. SAG will be provided by one of our sponsors, for when you have mechanical problems, or are just plain pooped.

  11. Will there be a photographer for the event?

    Yes, Chris Tuma Photography will be covering the event.

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